September 25, 2021

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Jain Traders

A leading Tent manufacturer and exporter of party and camping tent.

Party tent
Party Tents are spacious, come with the ease of set-up and are portable. Their exceptional shapes available make them unusually pleasing to look at. These tents do not allow unexpected shower or thunderstorm to ruin one’s outdoor party or backyard barbeque. Purchasable in a variety of styles and colors with a full line of accessories, there is a party tent for every occasion and budget.

Dining tent
Tents are just not meant for camping purpose, they are used for wide variety of uses. Dining tents can be best describes as those tents which provide an intimate setting or provide extra room for hundreds of guests for dining purpose. In keeping with the theme of colonial opulence, the elegant dining tents can feature elegant dining furniture and sprung floors.

Camping tent
Camping Tents suit individual needs of both recreational and alpine campers. A quality camping tent provides with that indispensable protection from the elements, with its wind and waterproof outer sheath. Mostly, camping tents are easy to pitch, convenient to store and lightweight enough to carry in packs day after day. These tents come in a huge range of style, size and designs, including one-man, two-man, three-man, four-man and four-man plus tents, dome tents, bivis, bothys etc.

Beach tent
Beach Tents that are quick and easy to assemble are a great way to protect one’s family from the elements while enjoying the outdoors.
Most beach tents are made from polyester, nylon but we are manufacturers in cotton canvas fabric with water proof and air proof.

We are also make beach tent with customize by buyer.